Almost 8 years I harbored feelings of longing in this country. Nepal, a small country but the exotic has stolen my heart. I was attracted by the beauty of nature and culture. Humble society also has made me fall in love.

To this day my love never changed one bit, the more I tried to forget my dream, the greater the sense of longing and love.
All I can do is just to fulfill all keep reading and browsing on Nepal, communicating with friends from Nepal. By looking at the pictures related to Nepal as it was already there.

I can not lie to all of these feelings. In fact I already intend in my heart that I should be able to go there and stay in the country. I want to live in a cool, cool, a quiet, and peaceful. I want to be a writer and gardening there. I want to share with the children in the village, wanted to teach something that we love the country more.
They have tremendous potential, they should know that Nepal is a small country but it has great potential and outstanding.

Was all I could do to realize my love for her, in the country. I believe God heard my prayer and a moment of prayer and my efforts will grant.

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