Bhaktapur, Nepal 2011 Some Words Regards to Rhododendron in Love

I am very much pleased to get information about the most awaited and valuable fiction book-” Rhododendron In Love” written by renowned writer Anik Zubaida Damogalad A.K.A Ani Zuba which is now proceed to publish. A lot of thankful words to the creative and genius writer that she doesn’t only write the fiction in itself but also bridges the warm relation between Indonesia and Nepal .

Surya and Anne are the male and female protagonists of the novel respectively where we can get not symbol of love only nor the emotional relation between two countries but it also indicates towards the rational diplomatic and business potential relation.

While we are heading keenly through the novel we must not forget the point that she is an Indonesian writer rather than Nepali. However, a great time is that she is really seems crazy of Nepal and she knows the gravity of Nepal as equal as us who are proud of ourselves as Nepali or more than us somehow somewhere. Similarly, we are so much thankful that one non Nepali writer is sink in this much level that no one could guess she is Indonesian while we our self heading through the depth of novel which compel us to hardly believe that she is not Nepali. Most of the scene of the Novel are created in Nepal in the Novel.

To my mind, to know the creation of writer, we must also get information of the platform of writer. So, I do too. As much as I know her during these 5 years, she loves Nepal a lot and ultimately the passion towards Nepal led her to create such a beautiful novel which is now in your hand. I have been chatting with her for around 5 years and within that time, what I know about her is she is a very good writer who use to write emotions of her every walk of life and is success to express up and down of life as one successful writer possess.

There is no doubt that she waters her novel garden very well and hence it is going to grow up soon and produce delicious fruit. It decorates literary garden soon. By the course of time, every one could realize that she has a passion of writing and her passion ultimately guide her towards success.

In Novel, the characters possess not just heroic characteristics but they also possess divine characteristics. In fact the writer want to depict the real mankind in the world, and simply, we can guess that her vision, mission and matured experience all flow over the novel. Hence, she is a lord in the sense that she creates really a perfect world here in this novel. She is a generous writer also because she provides sufficient freedom to characters throughout novel. Hence, I respect her as a real writer and she write for whole mankind. As we all know that writing a novel is not a bed of roses. It is very easy to comment others but if we come to ground of reality then we can experience how difficult is it to implement it in the practical life. Hence, from these words, I don’t become greedy to praise her beautiful work and I salute her for her sacrifice of life for this novel. I wish on behalf of our whole Nepal that her novel get success and obviously it can win the heart of reader. I believe this and whenever, it will publish in English version, I promise to the writer to translate it in Nepali and publish it in Nepal. All the best for Rhododendron in Love and Ani Zuba, I missed both of you.

Initially, however I was baffling while writer propose me to write something but at last, I want to express my gratitude for providing me such a great opportunity to express my few words.

Thank You,
Santosh Shrestha

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