Indonesia is country of island. There is approximately 17.504 island. But only 6000 island have dweller. How education at there, means in Indonesia?
W ith the people more 230 million, Indonesia need great of human source. To need it, Indonesian of gouverment to purpose program of education thats spread until all people feel it.
To spread opportunity in education, Indonesian gouverment take one of policy about it, that all people, have age 7 to 14 years old have to study. Gouverment prepare of them free education. They can study at Elementary School (Sekolah Dasar/ SD) and Junior High School (Sekolah Menengah Pertama/ SMP). As written in law of Indonesia (Undang-Undang Dasar 1945) that all Indonesian people got same opportunity in education. Because of that, in this program student are no need pay for it. Means, free. Gouverment give them all book also until graduate. Not only student at city but all student at remote area also got it.
To get success this program, Indonesian gouverment take more money. They founding many school, Elementary School and Junior High School at all island and all region, all city to village.
This Free education only can do at gouverment school. If student studying at Private school, they havenot facility from gouverment, means they have to pay and buying book at them school. So, not free.
By this program, all Indonesian children and young can go to school then they can read and write, so they have knowledge. Hope they have critical mind. They became to creative person so they can survive in their life.
But after Junior High School, means in Senior High School, gouverment don’t give free education again. They have to pay if study at there. How much they have to pay at Senior High School? Some school are not same, means fariative, depend where they are studying. If they are studying at good school they need many cost but if they school at level standard they no need much money for study. So, relative.
Substantively, they are no need worry about highly cost of education because gouverment and many company prepare scholarship for good student. But they have request about that, like brilliant, good achievement in academic or non academic or skill as sport, music, or other talent.
Anyway, all Indonesian people can follow this program, wherever they stay, its oke.

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